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18Apr 2014
A Rug Cleaning Guide
A Rug Cleaning GuideA mistake people make far too commonly is to confuse their rugs for their carpeting when it comes to cleaning. Whilst they serve much the same purpose, they are not the same entity at all – and, in fact, treating a rug like a carpet (and vice versa!) can have damaging implications for it. This often means that happy rug owners think they can care for their rugs simply by regularly hovering them thoroughly, and cleaning them with carpet cleaning products. Whilst thinking the same techniques and practices we use on carpets will also hold our rugs in good stead is understandable, this is wrongheaded – after all, rugs are made from very different materials to carpets, and are almost invariably far more delicate. They are, after all, generally handmade with very fine fibres, which often are not treated in the same way that carpets are. This makes them less resistant to dirt, and far more susceptible to damage if you use the wrong carpet cleaning products and chemical solutions! Carpets are specifically designed to last for year upon year, and withstand endless footfall in all seasons. Whilst rugs can last a lifetime if they’re handled correctly by their owners, at the same time they were not built to endure the same levels of punishment! This is why we decided to publish this rug cleaning guide online, so rug owners from all over the world can learn the best ways to keep their rugs clean and ensure their longevity! For general cleans, all you are going to need is a hoover and a brush with large bristles. Simply vacuum every inch of the rug, then brush, then vacuum again! Then, do the same with the underside of the rug. It’s really that simple.  Be wary of popping rugs into your washing machine – a good quality rug will have cleaning and care directions clearly stated, so check whether your rug will be alright if you whack it in the washing machine.  If you have a regular cleaning routine in your home (weekly, fortnightly, etc.), you will find integrating rug cleaning into your standard schedule very easy indeed! It will only take you a few minutes to offer your rug rudimentary TLC. However, for spills and stains, quick action and immediacy are paramount – quite simply, as soon as a stain has been inflicted, get cleaning...or get on the phone to a rug cleaning provider as soon as you can! Rudimentary rug cleaning, such as the techniques we have described, can of course be done by oneself without much help, if any help at all. However, for specific types of stain, or really deep grime and dirt, you may be best off contracting a professional rug cleaning company to tackle the tarnish for you. It’s never nice to admit defeat and resort to professional cleaners to get a job done, but in truth there’s no shame in this – they are, after all, professional cleaning services, and are there specifically to tackle the jobs you cannot yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that rug cleaning contractors are prohibitively expensive – you will find, with a bit of research, that the best rug cleaners won’t charge you an arm and a leg for rug cleaning services! These rug cleaning firms will also be able to recommend the best rug cleaning products to you, if you ask nicely – they may very well be able to sell you rug cleaning solutions and chemicals from their private cache too! If your rug is especially delicate (such as an oriental rug), you really must be careful when cleaning.

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