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04Nov 2014
An Environmentally Friendly Home Clean
An Environmentally Friendly Home CleanDomestic cleaning is a tough chore that you will spend hours undertaking it every week. You will see yourself committing to countless chores that can take many hours to complete just so you our abode is neat and spotless. You will be willing to putting this effort so that your home is an attractive and safe, as well as welcoming to any guests. Managing all this with other tasks, chores and commitments can be difficult but with a little origination and hard work, everything you want to achieve will be accomplished. It’s important that you take care during this process that you are being green about things. Environmentally friendly cleaning is an essential thing to do because we all need to do our part for the Earth. This may seem inconvenient though, as it means adding time and effort to your domestic chores. A green clean can be simple and soon you will be helping your home and the planet with the following tips. The first thing to consider for a greener house clean is the items you use. Many of the everyday goods you use you clean your home can have an impact on the environment so you should carefully consider what you use. Paper towels are very common things to have when tackling your cleaning and you can go through them quickly. If possible, you should place any dry used sheet with your recycling so that they can be remade into something useful. Cloths should be used as much as possible before you throw them away, so don’t wipe a few things then get rid of them. Detergents and bleaches can be every effective house cleaning tools but they can be hazardous to the environment. They can realise chemicals that are harmful so you should try to avoid doing such things. The plastic containers they come in are also non-biodegradable and so will be around harming the planet for countless years. Instead, you should try natural alternatives such as vinegar. White vinegar can be as effective as these chemicals but will not harm the environment. Spray it on the surface or apply it to a cloth and it will loosen stains and eliminate germs. Setting up a strict recycling programme in your home is vital. You may already have a regular recycling service pick-up, but if not you can still do this. Have various bags and boxes for different materials such as paper, cloth/clothes, cardboard, glass, cans, etc. Make sure everyone in your house places things here rather than in the bin as you can have these collected or take them to nearby recycling bins. This doesn’t require much work but you are contributing to recycling massively. In your home, you will likely have many items you don’t need or use. Such goods can be taking up space or require regular clean despite their uselessness. With such items, you should see if you could recycle them, contacting your local depot for support if necessary. The council may be able to collect large items such as furniture, electronics, fridges, freezers and more from you and properly recycle them, so you help the planet and clean up your home. You could also sell or give away unneeded by usable items as you can make others happy, make some and not have to throw things away all at once. Donate items to charity stores and you help other people and the Earth. Environmentally friendly cleaning can easily be achieved, so follow these tips and join the team of green cleaners.

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