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23Jan 2015
Clean The House Room By Room
Clean The House Room By RoomDomestic cleaning may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a necessary element of home cleaning. To reduce the stress of burden of chores and house cleaning, doing little bits room by room as you go can save a lot of time and effort. By multitasking and mini-tasking room by room, you will find that your cleaning agenda reduces drastically and you won’t be left with a pile of mess at the end of the week. Here are some tips to get you started on cleaning the house room by room. The kitchen-    When it comes to kitchen cleaning, being proactive is the key to remove messes.-    Clean up spills and drops as they occur, don’t let them sit and stain the counter or floor.-    Toss anything from the fridge as soon as it hits the expiration date.-    Wipe down the kitchen counter after every use so that finger print stains don’t become a permanent fixture.-    Put a load of dishes on overnight and empty it in the morning. This way you can stack the dishwasher immediately.The bathroom-    Keep a feather duster handy in the bathroom for the mirror and around the taps.-    Use a handtowel to wipe down the sink after brushing your teeth so that stains don’t get a chance to build up.-    Keep a squeegee in the shower and always wipe down the doors and walls after showering.-    Once a week, flush ¼ cup of baking soda down the toilet and scrub it with the brush. The bedroom-    When you vacuum the floors, use an attachment on the cleaner to do the curtains as well. Also vacuum under the bed so that dust doesn’t build up. -    Keep a microfiber cloth handy to dust down the dresser and bedside table. -    Try to keep reading material to a low number on the bedside table.-    Clear out your wardrobe every six months and get rid of clothes you don’t wear any more. The lounge room-    Toss junk mail on a daily basis after reading it and throw out old magazines.-    Vacuum the high traffic areas once a week, and do other areas once a month.-    Do a quick pick up of loose items before going to bed, such as putting the remote controls away, straightening items on the coffee table, and throwing loose papers in the trash. -    Dust or vacuum light shades regularly. The laundry-    Have a basket system in place to pre-sort clothes before a wash. For example, have a basket for jeans, for darks, for lights, for delicate items, for towels. -    Do a load of towels two or three times a week, depending how many people are in your family.-    Before doing a load of washing wipe down the front and sides of the washing machine with a cloth and clear out the lint filter.General time savers-    Label spray bottles so you know what is in them.-    Have a paper towel holder mounted above the kitchen sink or on the cupboard door.-    Have a carry basket of cleaners that you can take to each room.-    Keep a lint roller handy in the bathroom and in the lounge room for removing dust of cushions, throws and lampshades. -    Keep a positive mindset when cleaning – don’t let it become a chore. Play some music and enjoy yourself as you dust!

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