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09May 2014
Ensuring That Your Office Cleaner Is Getting The Job Done Right
Ensuring That Your Office Cleaner Is Getting The Job Done RightWhen you are a business owner, you need to ensure that the way that you want your business to be thought of, is the way that your business is seen from the outside. Companies spend hundreds of thousands on making sure that their branding and PR is all correct, so you need to be thinking of ways in which you can stand out as a strong contender for your client’s business. Of course, like a finely oiled machine, things tend to go better if an office or work place is clean and tidy. It gives off an air of professionalism, and will impress anyone coming in from the outside for meetings and the like. Pretty much all offices will have an office cleaning service, who comes round every evening, or twice a week or so, to ensure that the place is looked after. After all, you and your employees are going to be far too busy to be doing these things yourselves! However, it is important to keep on your toes, even on someone else’s job, especially if that job reflects on how you come across to others! Keeping an eye on the cleaning will ensure that you are never in a position where you are wasting your money and not getting the service that you need.For a start, you should set a rota for how often you check on these things. It need not be every single time they come to clean, but it does need to be consistent, and that will only come with setting out timings, so that you don’t forget! Perhaps set a reminder on your computer or phone, to ensure that you check round the office straight after the cleaner has finished every other week, or once a month. This way, you know that you are never giving the cleaning service a chance to slack off! In many ways, it is more likely that the service will relax and become less thorough as the cleaners become comfortable with the job, which will only happen a few months in to their service. When they start, they will be keen to impress, and worry that any mistakes will be punished, but after a few weeks, they will relax in to their normal work rate.This basically means that you need to be looking at a few areas to check how thoroughly the cleaning is done every now and then, from about a month in to the cleaning service’s time with you. You will likely do a trial shift for when they start, to ensure that they are up to the job, but after that, it is rare that the checks will be that thorough. To combat this, have certain spots that you look at every time, to see if they are hitting the whole office, or just brushing over it lightly. Check for dust under desks, as well as in higher places, like on top of doors and window frames. Be sure to have a look at how well the kitchen area is cleaned down, as this is a high traffic area that needs a lot of attention. Have a look at the personal spaces of the staff. The cleaning service should clean these desks without moving anything in to a position that hinders the staff member, do you think that they have done so? As long as you have points of reference for how you would like things to be done, then you will be all good to ensure that there is no chance of getting ripped off for your cleaning money!

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