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04Mar 2014
Reducing The Cost Of Cleaning With Some Smart Pound-Stretching Ideas!
Reducing The Cost Of Cleaning With Some Smart Pound-Stretching Ideas!

If you are concerned that money is not in the greatest supply at present, then you are just one amongst many thousands of people in the UK right now who are feeling the pinch. Of late, cash seems to be less and less readily available, and it can be in the little things that people do not give too much thought to, that the pounds can be disappearing. The domestic cleaning is one of these strange money drains, as you don’t tend to give it much though, simply for being so boring! If you do think about it however, there is a large amount spent on cleaning the house, and if you were to do things differently having had a quick think about it, then you may well be able to save a decent amount on it! The first step is weighing up the options, so have a look over the following tips and tricks to see which could work well for you. As ever, these ideas may not be right for you, as everyone does things differently, but it is well worth giving the whole thing some thought, as they may inspire your own ideas!

You should at all times try to buy with sustainability in mind. If you are paying for something that you will need to buy again in a weeks time then there is something wrong somewhere down the line. Obviously things like washing up liquid need to be bought every now and again, but are you getting the longest life form your washing up liquid that you could be? Try doing a test, to see how long your preferred brand of cleaning product lasts against a cheaper one and a more expensive one. Make a note of how many times you use them before they are finished, and this will mean that you can get an accurate reading of how good the value of each product is. You may find that a brand that is cheaper lasts just as long, which would save you cash in the first place, or that a slightly more expensive one lasts way, way longer, saving you money in a different way! You may find that you were right all along, but at least you now know!

The idea of value is basically the essence of saving. If you are buying disposable sponges or paper towels, how does the amount that you spend regularly, rack up against the lifespan of a longer lasting sponge or tea towel that could be used for the same job? Ignoring the issues of the environment and extreme waste that paper towels, J-cloths and disposable sponges bring up, is it the cheapest way of doing things, or simply the most brainless? You need to have a try at other ways of doing things if you are going to make any headway on saving a few quid on the cleaning.

The same goes for equipment; how long does it last as opposed to how much it costs. Sure, a plastic mop and bucket will be extremely cheap, but how many will you have to buy to make them last the same amount of time as a traditional wooden mop and metal bucket? Not to mention the more natural processes that go into making them! If you can, do a test to see, and ensure that you are getting the most from every aspect of your cleaning.

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