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Customer reviews
     Very fast and thorough service. They responded to emails quickly, arrived on time, and completed the job in a few hours. The steam-cleaned carpets look amazing. I'll use them again.
Alexis Lawson09/07/2024
     Top-notch service with great professionalism. Highly recommend.
Arnold K.20/06/2024
     Consistent and capable. Friendly folks to deal with.
Cheryl H.10/06/2024
     ure, here's the review rewritten 50 times:
Kathleen Thomas31/05/2024
     It's clear that customer satisfaction is a top priority for BelsizeParkCleaners, as they consistently deliver excellent service.
Maria L.17/05/2024
     The cleaners were right on schedule.
Stacey E.16/04/2024
     I am blown away by how spotless my place looks after the cleaning service. A big thank you to the entire team!
Paul I.27/03/2024
     Booking online was a breeze, with numerous time slots at a great value. The cleaner greeted us warmly and offered exceptional service.
Nick L.11/03/2024
     I am forever grateful for your exceptional cleaning skills, thank you.
Kris S.01/03/2024
     I highly recommend this cleaning service to anyone looking for a thorough and reliable job done.
     Awesome service, I am blown away by how clean and bright my carpets look after Belsize Park Cleaner's professional cleaning.
     I was thoroughly impressed by the thoroughness and attention to detail displayed by the team.
     The level of cleanliness was impressive, especially when paired with such polite and professional behavior from the cleaners.
Richard Elliot 20/01/2024
     The cleaner was very kind, creating a tranquil environment instantly. Not needing to go out for this task gave me so much pleasure.
Claire Bradford13/11/2023
     Remarkable customer service, cost-effective prices, and unimaginable results in addition to unsurpassed follow-up care.
B. Wilson03/11/2023
     This company have completed cleaning work that I simply couldn't do myself. They came into my office and cleaned every area and inch of it. They made sure to scrub the carpets and polish the windows. When they had finished, there really was such a noticeable difference. I am finally proud of my office thanks to Cleaning Company Belsize Park's office cleaning services. I feel like I can bring clients and employees in and am no longer embarrassed.
Keith W.15/03/2016
     Our house is the type of house that has a fireplace that has actual wood we use to stoke the fire. We had our friend's kid come round and move it. Eventually everything came crashing down and we needed to hire the cleaning experts at Cleaning Company Belsize Park to clear up the mess. We were impressed with the professionalism shown to us and will be recommending them to people we know.
Susan and Wayne17/04/2015
     I have a three year old so having a sparkly clean home is very frequently like a very unattainable dream. When my little bundle of joy poured 3 different oil colours on my brand new carpet, I knew that the only solution I got out of this was calling for BelsizeParkCleaners. So I did. I told them that this is rather urgent, they came to my house, cleaned the carpet and everything is just fine now. Thank you!
     No matter how careful you are, dust will always find their way on all the surfaces of your house when you are doing any renovation. Since I had already broken my back doing the renovation, I had no energy to clean my house afterwards. So I gave BelsizeParkCleaners a call, explained the work that needed to be done and they send over a team immediately. The cleaners were as thorough with their job as I need them to be and their behaviour was so polite and obliging, that it was a pleasure to work with them.
Luke D.04/12/2014
     I have just started becoming aware of the planet and saving it, so have changed my cleaning service to an eco friendly cleaning service. BelsizeParkCleaners only uses the cleanest products and effective methods. The results are amazing you wouldn't know the difference the place looking wonderful. I honestly can't see the difference I feel I still get a first class service and know that there are no remaining toxins or chemicals left in the home. The cost is very affordable too.
Adrienne W.24/11/2014
     I got so fed up of my carpet looking dirty that I decided to contact BelsizeParkCleaners and see what kind of carpet cleaning service they could provide for me and what kind of cost that would entail. I was pleased with the low price so I had them send a team to my house who then proceeded to deeply cleanse every fibre of my carpets throughout the house. They were consummate professionals who took great care with my carpet and were both efficient and careful. My carpets look great and the team did a brilliant job. I can't recommend them highly enough!
June L.09/10/2014
     Just because I'm too busy with my job doesn't mean I can't have a fresh and clean home as well, BelsizeParkCleaners soon saw to that. Coming home after a hard days work to a house that's spotless is a wonderful feeling, and I can't thank this company enough. For such a competitively priced service, they really do provide a flawless experience every time. I've hired them on a number of occasions now, and they've consistently been great. It's such a convenience and a weight off my mind, I'm now able to focus on my new job! Ten out of ten!
     One of my colleagues hired a new cleaner for his home a few weeks ago and ever since all he ever does is brag about it. I didn't think much of it until three more colleagues hired cleaners from the same company and added to the endless praise. By that point, I'd given in and called BelsizeParkCleaners to see what all the fuss was about. After just one clean I made my cleaner a regular, everything was done to perfection and I completely understand all bragging rights that come with hiring a cleaner from this company!
     I would like to recommend a cleaning company I have just used to have my new house cleaned. I hadn't a lot of free time and prior to moving into my new home I wanted a complete clean throughout the property. It needed a lot of general scrubbing in the bathroom and kitchen as well as the other rooms swept and paintwork rinsed. BelsizeParkCleaners were brilliant, the cleaners came on time looking well organised with a lot of cleaning equipment. They covered a lot of detail, until the entire place was immaculately clean. The place looked marvelous and is now ready to move into.
Helen Castillo12/06/2014
     As a person who is extremely house proud, I love to be the one who cleans the place, and ensures that my home looks its best at all times. However, I have recently been confined to a wheelchair, because of a knee operation. I have used BelsizeParkCleaners a couple of times since, and they have been a wonderful help. It is not easy cleaning for a person like me, who cares quite so much about how the place is tidied, but they were very patient, and did an excellent in the end. I would certainly recommend that you try them out if you are in a pickle like I am!
Marie Bailey29/04/2014
     I cannot hold BelsizeParkCleaners in higher esteem, you should definitely use them for any of your cleaning needs. I was recently discharged from hospital and although my family were incredibly supportive I needed a good cleaner to do the small things in my home that I was unable to do. They performed their work professionally and carefully and they even helped in me in many other ways that they didn't have to. As I was ill and struggling to move they stayed and helped me make some food and brought me a drink. Lovely people I wish them all the best for the future.
Simon H.08/04/2014
     The best services are those, I find, which constantly find new ways of impressing you. During the first few weeks with BelsizeParkCleaners, I was just generally impressed with how clean and tidy everything was, and then in the weeks after, I was still impressed with the price. But after a few months, I began to notice all of the little details, the cleaning in areas which I hadn't thought about which all add up to make a real difference. I can't remember the last time I saw some dust or a stain. Everything is just so much cleaner now.
Adam Hernandez19/03/2014
     Given that cleaning has always kind of been my role in the house, it feels strange to hand it over to someone else. The fact is, I have a dodgy knee, and can't be up and about all the time any more. BelsizeParkCleaners have made the transition pretty easily, and I find that they do a great clean every time, which has no doubt made the whole thing a lot easier for me! I'd like to thank everyone there, and recommend them highly!
Courtney Ross05/03/2014
     The cleaning experts at BelsizeParkCleaners are dedicated, knowledgeable and hard working. I hired a cleaning staff to provide routine cleaning to my home once a week. I needed a trustworthy company that could provide reliable service each week. I was sick and tired of living in a dirty home and I just didn't have the time to devote to cleaning the home each week. BelsizeParkCleaners provided the right services for my needs. They come each week and provide an excellent job, all at an affordable price. I am really happy with the service I receive from them.
Melissa E.18/02/2014
     There are quite a few words I could use to describe BelsizeParkCleaners's service: efficient, affordable, fantastic to name just a few. The thing is I know they are a big company these days and my house is probably one of thousands they clean, but I always feel like an individual customer. My cleaner always puts that personal touch on my house and I really notice and appreciate it. They really know how to make a customer feel wanted, rather than some of these modern companies who make you feel like an inconvenience! If you need a cleaner, get these guys, trust me.
B. Lyndford30/01/2014
     If you are like me, you need the trades that you get round to your house to be extremely professional and efficient. If they are not in this category, then there is really very little use in them at all! I tend to find that a company who I feel I trust will always be better than a firm who are better priced etcetera. This is why I go with BelsizeParkCleaners for my domestic cleaning needs. They always do a good job, the price is always right, and I find that they are always and excellent set of people to have around the place!
G. Griffin07/01/2014