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22Aug 2014
What You Need In Your Cleaning Cupboard
What You Need In Your Cleaning CupboardThere are lots of cleaning products that we all use on a daily basis, but when it comes to your cleaning cupboard, what is it that you actually need to have? The shelves of every supermarket are full to the brim with cleaning products and gadgets that claim to be things that you must own – but what is it that you really need in your cleaning cupboard? Have a look at the following list to find out!1)    Bleach and non-chemical alternatives.Lots of homes use bleach on a regular basis. It’s great for cleaning your toilet, deep-cleaning your bathroom and can even be used to kill weeds in your yard. Bleach is readily available and is one of the cheapest cleaning products that you can buy, and with its many, many functions, it’s a staple cleaning product that can save you a lot of time and effort. If you have a household that tends to avoid strong chemical cleaning products then you can always mix together your own natural versions of bleach. Both white vinegar and lemon juice, when mixed with water, can be very strong antibacterial sprays, and you can even make a drain-unblocking foam with white vinegar! 2)    Antibacterial sprays.Antibacterial sprays are fantastic for cleaning up spills on the go, for wiping down kitchen surfaces and they can make cleaning your bathroom a doddle. There are lots on the market for you to choose from, and you can even make your own at home using lemon juice and white vinegar. Antibacterial sprays all tend to do the same thing, so don’t fall for gimmicky products if you’re just looking for a dependable and affordable cleaning spray! 3)    Keeping your sinks and drains clean and clear.You should always keep a product that can unblock your drains in your cleaning cupboard. Whether you need it for your kitchen or your bathroom, having a drain un-blocker to hand can help you out of more than just the occasional sticky situation! Use white vinegar to give your drains a clear out every once in a while and you won’t need to use harsh drain un-blockers half as much! 4)    Cleaning your floors.Whether you have carpets, wood floors, laminate, tiles or all of these together, you need to make sure that you’re properly cleaning your floors. You might need a few different floor-cleaning products, especially if you have carpets or wooden floors, so make sure you’re checking what’s suitable for your floors and what isn’t before buying any products. 5)    Stain removal.Always keeps a stain removal products handy, should you or a guest spill some red wine, coffee or anything else! Not all stain removal products can be used on all fabrics, and you should always test products like these on an inconspicuous area of the carpet or soft furnishing before you use it to remove a stain. 6)    Cleaning equipment.There are many different things that you need to clean your home, but your cupboards should always be full of cleaning cloths, microfiber cloths, sponges and rags. These will help you to get your home into shape, and you shouldn’t need much more than this for the smaller jobs! It’s worth investing in a good carpet cleaner if you have a big enough budget, and a mop is the ideal thing for your kitchen and bathroom. The cleaning equipment that you need depends on what you have in your home, so if you’re stocking up your cleaning cupboard take note of anything that you think you might find useful to add to your cleaning routine.

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